Frequently Asked Questions

1What does Corazón mean?
Corazón, in Spanish, means heart.
2What type of organization is Corazón Ministries and when was it established?
Corazón Ministries is a non-profit, missions agency founded in 1994, as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Click here to read more about how Corazón Ministries began.
3How is Corazón Ministries funded?
Funds to support the ministry are donated by individuals and churches who have a heart to impact Hispanic/Latino communities for Christ. Donations are tax-deductible and can be made online by clicking here.
4Is there another Corazón Ministries in other cities?
The Corazón Ministries Outreach & Training Center is located in Tucson, Arizona. We have also established teams in Houston, Texas and Denver, Colorado. Corazón Ministries Directors lead cross-cultural trainings and workshops and are available for conferences and speaking engagements across the United States.
5How do I get involved or volunteer?
Volunteer opportunities vary depending on ministry and seasonal needs. To find out more, please fill out this Volunteer Information Form or call our volunteer coordinator, Naomi, at 520-903-9608.
6Is it necessary to be Hispanic/Latino to share the Gospel in Hispanic/Latino communities?
It is not necessary to be Hispanic/Latino however we do encourage you to go through Corazón Ministries’ Cross-Cultural Training to better understand how to engage in Hispanic/Latino communities while sharing the Gospel.
7Is your ministry for English or Spanish speaking Hispanics/Latinos?
We serve both English and Spanish speaking Hispanics/Latinos. Many of Corazón Ministries’ outreaches, trainings, and programs are offered in both languages depending on the need.
8What happens after Corazón Ministries leads someone to Christ?
Typically, we invite new believers to participate in discipleship and Bible study. We also encourage new believers to connect with a local, evangelical church. Once they are connected, we strive to work in concert with the church to help the new believer become established in their faith.
9Does Corazón Ministries have outreaches in Mexico?
While we train and equip ministry leaders and missionaries for work in Mexico and other Latin American countries, Corazón Ministries focuses on outreach and ministry to Hispanic/Latino communities in the United States.
If you have any other questions, please fill out the Contact Us form and someone will respond to you soon.