As part of a collaborative effort between Corazón Ministries and the Tucson Christian Collation’s Educational Freedom Team, Mike Alameda and several volunteers and skilled laborers renovated two bathrooms and cleaned up the landscaping of Veritas Christian Academy (K through twelve school) over the course of two weeks in March. What a blessing it was to share the love of Christ through the body’s service at the local Christian school whose enrollment tops 180 students.
The team was able to tidy and clean the school campus. Then they started in on the boys’ and girls’ bathrooms near the school gym. They pulled out all the interior walls, lifted the vinyl tile, disassembled the fixtures, and covered up the previous shower drains and waterspouts. The team worked hard during a student break to put up new drywall, add fresh paint, re-tile the floors and then paint and reinstall fixtures to the restrooms.
The kids from the school put together a “thank you” card for all the people on the job, and Corazón Ministries had a picnic to celebrate the completion of the work. But the project did not only have an immediate impact on the school population, it also made a difference in those helping. One volunteer said that several different children walked up and thanked them for the work they were doing. He had never seen that before in his work life and was grateful for that blessing. He said it made it all worth it to see the kids happy.

We appreciate the help of all the volunteers and the material, labor and resources that were donated to accomplish this large project. We are hopeful that this renovation project blesses the school, students and is a witness to parents and visitors of God’s good work for years to come. Collaborative projects like this are one of the ways that Corazón reaches into the Tucson community to show how important a Biblical perspective on education is. By giving to the schools that would not be able to accomplish this task on their own, we pray that the efforts reveal God’s plans of blessing and lifting up those who decide to send their students to God-inspired schools and educators.

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