Evangelistic Bible Study Training

Evangelistic Bible Study Training

How to Teach God’s Word in Hispanic/Latino Communities

Did you know that the Pew Research Center’s 2013 National Survey of Latinos and Religion found that “only 16% of the nation’s estimated 35.4 million Latino adults described themselves as born-again or evangelical Christians? 18% were religiously unaffiliated.” – Pew Research Center (2013)

Corazón Ministries trains believers to share the Word of God in Evangelistic Home Bible Studies using the Home Bible Study Method. The purpose of the Home Bible Study Method is to:

  • Open the Word of God
  • Bring God into the home
  • Share the Gospel and help others learn how to have a relationship with God
  • Teach the Word of God in a way that is culturally appropriate
  • Offer a welcoming home setting to learn and grow in

Evangelistic Bible Study Training helps believers to understand the cultural barriers of presenting the Bible to Hispanics/Latinos who have a traditional or cultural religious background. Topics of Evangelistic Home Bible Study Training include:EvanBibleStudyTraining

  • What is the Purpose of an Evangelistic Home Bible Study?
  • Heart Condition
  • Bible Study Leader’s Role
  • Bible Study Format
  • Common Catholic Questions
  • Response Evangelism

We encourage individuals, church groups, and ministries to attend Evangelistic Bible Study Training. The training is a one-day workshop and is offered in both English and Spanish. If you are interested in attending Evangelistic Bible Study Training, or hosting our training at your church or ministry, please call 520-903-9608.