2022 Men of Transformation

We had wonderful attendance in our first unrestricted men’s retreat since the pandemic closures of 2020. But The Men of Transformation retreat it did not come without hard work, as the devil was challenging our efforts. We were undeterred and held steadfast to glorify God to these men who had chosen to come up the mountain with us.

With prayer and fortitude, we made it to the Pine Top area. Once there, the new set-up crew (many of the regulars could not attend) went well and we were off to the races. The men who came enjoyed amazing weather and little distraction. They ate until full – and sometimes beyond that – and settled down to hear God’s word a few times a day through various speakers. With the fishing (including one massive fish that was caught), a robust game of Horseshoes, and the peace and quiet of God’s great outdoors, the retreat quickly affected the men in a significant, positive way.

It is through your continued support in prayers and donations that we can do an outreach like the retreat to Hawley Lake, and others throughout the year for men and women. The Men of Transformation retreat – which alludes to God’s desire to have men exhibit the character of God when they are transformed into His image – as a blessing to all. Nothing but great feedback was heard. Many of the attendees to this year’s retreat have already committed to attending next year’s retreat as well and bringing their friends or children.

More pictures from the retreat at Hawley Lake

Say Cheese!

This is a picture of all the men that made their way up the mountain May 2022 for the Men of Transformation retreat.

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