The Corazón Ministries Annual Prayer Meeting is a significant and long-standing tradition. This is a day set aside to ask God’s favor over our work and mission at the onset of a new year. On Sunday, January 8, a group of committed prayer warriors joined Mike to pray over Corazón and our ministry vision and hope for 2023. Friends who could not pray with us in person joined from their homes around the country. We were blessed as one faithful couple has prayed with us for the past 26 years. 

Mike shared a quote from Henry Blackaby: “If society as a whole seems to be getting darker and darker, it is not the problem of the darkness; the darkness is just acting like its nature. But it is that the light no longer dispels the darkness, and the salt no longer preserves. It is time for the light to say, ‘if things are darker, the problem is with us.” 

We desire to maintain our current ministry activities and to develop new and effective strategies to reach the lost and disciple the saved. Through the powerful prayers of faithful brothers and sisters, Corazón Ministries continues its mission to share the gospel and offer the light of Jesus in the Hispanic and Latino community. 

The 2023 Corazón Ministries prayer guide is attached below. It includes prayer needs and requests from our missionaries and staff for the new year. Please take a look, and as the Lord leads, we ask you to bless us with your prayers. Thank you. -Claire Alameda

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