Pastors and ministry leaders gather at Corazón to pray and plan events to encourage unity in the Spanish-speaking church. A woman serving on the committee for the city-wide Gano La Vida, a celebration of life event, shared her interest in missions with Mike. As a result, Mike offered to take her through our Corazón Ministries Missionary and Ministry training. For three Wednesday evenings in October, she and several friends participated in the training. Topics included Personal Prayer Life, Self-Examination, Vain Imagination, Ministering to People, and My Calling.

Everyone came with a desire to grow and apply what they learned to serve the church and their community. All have a heart for missions and want a life of ministry. One young woman hopes to provide clean drinking water in developing countries after completing her master’s degree in hydrology. An older woman felt affirmed as she reached out to family, friends, and neighbors, teaching Bible studies and sharing the Gospel. A young man said his perspective has changed as he sees people differently after the training. Several have come to visit with Mike to draft their calling statements.

Our mission at Corazón is to reach, equip and send Hispanics and Latinos to impact their communities for Christ. It is a joy to help equip these committed Hispanic and bilingual believers to move into the harvest.

– Claire Alameda

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