The heartbeat of Trinity Church in Walla, Walla, Washington is that there are two languages but one body in the church. Mike, Enrique, and I traveled to beautiful Washington state to facilitate a cross-cultural training for the congregation at Trinity in late April. The church has thriving English and Spanish ministries. They hold services each Sunday in both languages. The pastors and church leaders are committed to unity and fellowship in the body. Recognizing the growing Hispanic and Latino community in their area, the church leadership is seeking insight about cross-cultural outreach and evangelism.

Over seventy members of the church family came out to spend the training day with us. Everyone was engaged and asked good questions that led to discerning conversation. Enrique translated on Saturday for the day-long training class and again on Sunday for Mike, who preached for two combined-language services. Sharing meals, ideas and praying with the Pastors and their families was a true blessing. We were graciously hosted by a couple in the church and feasted at the home of another. We believe lasting relationships were made even in the short time we had with loving brothers and sisters in Christ. Join us in prayer for the ministry of Trinity Church in Walla, Walla.

-Claire Alameda

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