The sun was rising, and the Corazón Ministries construction trailer was on the move as we conducted our short-term summer mission’s construction and outreach in July. The local middle school mission team from Christ Community Church was ready when the truck and trailer pulled up. They were geared up to assist a Spanish-speaking church in Tucson with its painting and landscaping needs. Early afternoons, the shovels and paint brushes gave the church a fresh, new look in the community. Then the missions team prepared and ran a sports camp outreach in the evenings. 

The summer missions’ team was committed to demanding work for five straight days in the brutal, hot temperatures of Tucson, Arizona ranged from 72 degrees in the morning to108 degrees by 6 pm in the evening. The faithful students and their leaders did not falter though. They ran headfirst into their commitment to serve the church in the morning and share the Gospel in the evening. 

As the week came to a close, the team was able to look back and see the faithfulness of God as He gave them the strength to finish the mission well. The pastor of the church was in tears as he shared with the team how they gave him a renewed sense of hope. He knew he could keep pushing forward after seeing young believers who gave up their time and resources to support his ministry in South Tucson. 
It is moments like these that remind us at Corazón that kingdom work requires the Body of Christ to work together to strengthen His church. We are encouraged as we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Hispanic and Latino community in Tucson, and throughout the country.

Until He Returns!

– Mike Alameda, Missionary

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