The twenties are typically a decade of excitement and change. Most 20 Somethings are discovering independence and carving out their own path in life. It’s a time of transition from a parent’s homes to your their place, college studies, or training for careers. Friendships grow and mature. Romantic relationships begin and engagements turn into marriages. Kid’s come along and new families are created. New experiences bring challenges and the need for wisdom, guidance and the support from peers going through a similar stage of life grows.

Walking in faith with friends through this season is what the 20 Somethings group is all about. Young women aged 20 to 30 come together once a month and study God’s Word as they make significant life choices that impact their futures. True and supportive friendships are grown over coffee and conversation.

Special events such as Galantines Day Dinner, an annual Christmas party and the Breakfast Club are fun ways to connect in Christ. To find out more, contact us via email, our webform or call us.