Following Christ’s example Corazón has a dedicated team of spiritually mature women who minister other women. Like the shepherds of the Bible, their role is to nurture, guide and pray for women under their care.  The female leaders go through Corazón Ministries cross-cultural training and are required to take a one-year leadership training class to qualify for the Shepherdess ministry.

Shepherdess women serve as home Bible study teacher and as small group leaders at women’s ministry outreach events such as the monthly Women of Heart Nights and yearly retreats. They are mentors to new women who come into the ministry seeking biblical guidance for daily life. Every shepherdess woman knows how to share their personal testimony and message of the Gospel. Shepherdess women are discipled by Claire Alameda and feel called to support the mission of Corazón.

If you would like to connect with one our Shepherdess women or want to know more about how to become a part of the Shepherdess ministry, please call 520-903-9608 or fill out the Contact Us card on the website.