Curious about your calling and whether a missionary lifestyle is right for you? Corazón Ministries offers a missionary internship program for anyone considering a career on the mission field. Interns are mentored by Corazón Ministries missionaries. They are trained in cross-cultural ministry, evangelism and leadership. They have opportunities to work with believers from various denominations gaining insight into unique role of the missionary in the church. Interns learn about the Hispanic and Latino missions’ field in the United States and around the globe. A missionary internship helps give spiritual, emotional, financial and organizational perspective and practical hands-on experience in the Tucson community.

Missionary Internship applicants must be 18 or older. Internships may be short term, such as two weeks, or up to a full year. A Corazón Ministries internship are accepted for credit at some colleges. For more specific information, please contact your college or university. For more information about the Missionary Internship application process, please call 520-903-9608 or clink the link below.

“As a missionary, I have learned to serve in a deeper way. I understand that we always have to be ready because we don’t know where God might send us one day. When God does something, we don’t expect, we need to be patient and remain faithful to pursue His plan and not our own agenda. During my time as an intern, I really enjoyed having evangelistic home Bible studies where you read the word and share God’s Truth with a non-believer and we both end up learning.”

– Enrique Garcia, Missionary Intern 2012 and Corazón Missionary 2013 to the present

Download and print our Missionary Internship Application here:

Missionary Internship Application PDF