Corazón Ministries engages in missions service projects in response to needs in the Hispanic/Latino community. Churches, ministries, and individuals refer many of these needs to Corazón Ministries, making us aware of opportunities to serve in the name of Christ. Some examples of these service projects are:

Home or building cleaning
Small construction jobs
Collecting and delivering food or goods for single moms or families
Feeding the homeless
And more.

Corazón Ministries organizes volunteer teams from various churches and denominations to assist in these missions service projects throughout the year. Some projects last only a day, while others can remain ongoing for weeks, months, and even up to a year. A wide variety of local volunteers and teams have co-labored with Corazón on these projects. Some examples of teams are:

Youth Groups
Church community groups
Student Groups (elementary school through college).
And more!

Many of the people we have served are unchurched, unfamiliar with the Bible, and do not have a personal relationship with Christ. These projects provide Corazón volunteers the opportunity to:
Develop relationships.

Offer assistance.
Demonstrate God’s love.
Give away Bibles to individuals and families.
Pray with the individuals or families.
Share the Gospel message.