Home is a place where we welcome family and friends. It’s a safe place where stories are shared and memories are made. Home is an offering of ourself to those we invite into our space. We at Corazón Ministries believe that God desires to be at the heart of every home. Our Evangelistic Home Bible Study training equips believers to bring God’s Word into the home of anyone searching for a relationship with God.

Corazón Ministries Bible study method is about making meaningful relationship. Family and friend groups learn the scripture in the comfort of their homes. The gospel is presented in a culturally appropriate way overcoming traditional barriers in the Hispanic and Latino communities. The training topics include:

The Condition of the Heart

The role of the Bible study leader

The home Bible study format

Relationship evangelism

The Evangelistic Home Bible Study training is offered in both English and Spanish. If you are interested in attending or hosting our training at your church or ministry, please call 520-903-9608.