Ministries collage

Our ministry has a variety of ways with which we can reach the lost and connect more deeply to those who hope to strengthen their faith walk. We have woman's programs like the Women of Heart ministry that builds up the godly woman, and the accompanying women's retreats and conferences that seek to bring in new believers. We also have bible studies that focus on further embracing the future God has for every woman.

We have men's programs such as the annual outreach retreat that takes a group of men up to the White Mountains to build up those seeking a closer relationship with Christ, or those simply seeking Christ for the first time. We also have local programs that feature God's word in weekly Bibles studies like Men of Truth and Hombres en La Verdad (a Spanish Language Ministry).

We also have programs for youth like Hearts on Fire and the Youth Summer Missions Camps, where High School Aged students learn how to live like a missionary through a short-term experiences.There are weekly studies and service projects.

We have many trainings that help equip believers, from our Cross-Cultural Training, Cross-Cultural Marriage Training, and Missionary training to meeting one-on-one in discipleship with different people.

Locally, and across the United States, the ministry has also built up a number of churches and organizations that also have local leaders and pastors that use our programs in their own home states to glorify God and reach the lost.

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