Did you know that “the projected Hispanic population of the United States on July 1, 2050 is 132.8 million? According to this projection, Hispanics will constitute 30 percent of the nation’s population by that date.”

– US Census Bureau (2012)

With over 20 years of experience, Corazón Ministries has built relationships with the Hispanic/Latino community and because we understand the culture, we have been able to unify the Body of Christ across denominations. We have had the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of national and local churches, ministries, and other Christian organizations. Some of these ministries have come to Corazón looking for ways to reach Hispanics/Latinos in their communities for Christ. Others have come looking to invite and include Hispanic/Latino churches to address issues that impact Hispanic/Latino communities.NationalChurchMinistryCollaborations

Together, we have developed coalitions, typically using three criteria to help them reach their goal:

Develop a strategic plan to Cross-Culturally train church or ministry leadership and staff.
Develop a strategic plan for networking and communication.
Connect churches with national and/or local ministries or Christian organizations.
Connect ministries or organizations with churches and communities.
Locate translation assistance.
Develop a strategic plan to implement a Hispanic/Latino component in churches or ministries.

Churches and Ministries we have worked with:

Family Research Council, Washington, D.C.
Alliance Defending Freedom, Phoenix, D.C. & International
Missions to the World, International
Missions to North America
Luis Palau Evangelistic Association
North Littleton Promise, Colorado
Center for Arizona Policy, Phoenix
Hands of Hope, Tucson
Asociación Pastoral Evangélica de Tucson
Tucson Ministry Alliance
And others