As we begin the new year at Corazón, we continue to share the truth of His Gospel, His passion for the lost and the saved, all for His Glory.

At times, I observe believers without discipleship and mentoring who know they are saved but are so entrenched with living in the flesh that they don’t fully grasp their eternal position in Christ. Often, there is a lack of discipleship and knowledge of the eternal King of Kings that causes them to struggle as they try to live out faith. These are the people that the ministry seeks to minister to. 

I also meet mature believers who walk by faith and not by sight and are confident in the divine and eternal work that comes from their savior, Jesus Christ. It is refreshing and encouraging to see believers committed to building up His kingdom. This type of Christ-follower often gives and serves faithfully at Corazón Ministries. All of us who serve at Corazón also encounter those who came to faith through the ministry. We watch believers embrace the truth – that everyone is saved by faith and grace alone.

In the end, I am encouraged because together, we rejoice that God has chosen all of us to co-labor in sharing the Gospel and in His eternal plan at this time in history. I look to the lost and those young in the faith, and I know our joy in His presence can be theirs someday. This is why we continue what we do at the ministry. We desire everyone to have Christ in their everyday lives, month to month, year to year. 2024 marks the 30th anniversary of Corazón Ministries.] We will continue to work together as eternal kingdom-minded believers until He returns. 

– Mike Alameda, Missionary and Executive Director

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