Unexplainable Jesus Retreat

As I stepped up onto the platform and looked out over the room full of beautiful women, my heart was filled with great joy. I cleared the lump of emotion from my throat and welcomed the 150 women gathered for the 2024 Unexplainable Jesus Retreat. Although I’ve experienced Retreat day openings for many years before, this felt different.  I nicknamed this event the “Come Back” retreat because it was the first Corazón Ministries women’s retreat […]

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A Phone Call from Los Angeles: Kingdom Additions

A telephone number from Los Angeles came up on Mike’s phone one day. He thought it might be a spam call so he almost didn’t answer. However, he felt a tug at his spirit and was led to respond to the call. A man introduced himself and said a mutual friend had given him Mike’s number. Finally, it clicked. Mike and Claire had led premarital counseling for his friend, and even today, they continue to […]

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Until He Returns

As we begin the new year at Corazón, we continue to share the truth of His Gospel, His passion for the lost and the saved, all for His Glory. At times, I observe believers without discipleship and mentoring who know they are saved but are so entrenched with living in the flesh that they don’t fully grasp their eternal position in Christ. Often, there is a lack of discipleship and knowledge of the eternal King […]

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