A telephone number from Los Angeles came up on Mike’s phone one day. He thought it might be a spam call so he almost didn’t answer. However, he felt a tug at his spirit and was led to respond to the call. A man introduced himself and said a mutual friend had given him Mike’s number.

Finally, it clicked. Mike and Claire had led premarital counseling for his friend, and even today, they continue to mentor the couple from Los Angeles. The caller reminded Mike that he had been the best man at their mutual friend’s wedding. Ultimately, he shared that he was having problems in his relationship with his girlfriend – the two share young children and have separated. The man told Mike he “just wanted someone to talk to”. Mike listened to his difficult past and painful circumstances. Then Mike offered the hope of the Gospel. The man accepted Christ as his savior with joy. 

A few days later, the man called Mike again. He asked if Mike was willing to speak with his girlfriend. A phone call was arranged. The woman shared that she had some church background but was uncomfortable with religion. “Besides,” she told Mike, she was “a bad person who had done bad things” and felt that God would not want her back. During the call with the woman, Mike asked if he could show her a diagram to demonstrate why she felt separated from God. They switched to FaceTime and Mike shared John 14:6 and explained that Jesus was “the way, the truth, and the life.” She told Mike she wanted a way back to the Lord. Praise God that she, too, accepted Christ as Lord and Savior. – Claire Alameda

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